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Robert Lopez rlopezcnm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 17:23:57 GMT 2012


I do want to state again the operating system is very important. My
point is not that MailScanner will run significantly differently, but
the installation and updating will be different. You need to look at
the versions of updates that are available and notice different OS
have support persons who have different delays in preparing update
packages.  If you will build your own, that that becomes a different

The Mail Transfer Agent(s) used is the other issue. MailScanner will
get email from one. It can be set up to return it to the same one or
send it to another. The same maintenance timing issues should be
investigated. For example if you go to an OS depository and look at
all the components you want to use, are they all updated at about the
same times?

I also will point out again the SpamAssassin may take more time and
effort to customize and maintain than SpamAssassin. You will maintain
it via MailScanner and not directly, therefore you will have to
understand you can not just replicate information you may encounter if
it is intended for direct manipulation of SpamAssassin.

Robert Lopez

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