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Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Mar 21 15:00:12 GMT 2012

On 3/21/2012 6:06 AM, payalg at cdac.in wrote:
> Dear All,
>             I am new to mail scanner and want to learn about how it works,
> what are the basic things and files one should be aware of, what are rules
> and filters in mail scanner, how to write your own rules?
> Can you please suggest me a good source for it?
> Thanks and Regards,
I little information about what you are trying to install this on might 
be a great help in getting some answers for you.

Which OS are you going to be using?
What smtp software are you going to be using? There's a slight 
difference in the config file if you're using postfix instead of 
sendmail. Sendmail will pretty much use the defaults out of the box.
Recent versions of Centos/RH install a pretty new version of 
spamassassin from their repositories, so that becomes less of an issue.
Clamd can be installed and updated from the rpmforge/repoforge site if 
you're using yum as a manager for rpms. Perhaps it works with apt and 
others as well.

Download the zipped install file and extract it some where. You don't 
have to use it if you install it if you've got a way to disable it's 
usage (like init scripts and so on). From there, you can review the 
config file, and like others have already mentioned, the config file has 
tons of comments to describe nearly all of the options. Or maybe someone 
could send you the file in an email just so you could review it without 

The best way to monitor it's results is to use something like MailWatch. 
It will give you a visual display of what's going on. But that's another 
program and list. It's not necessary to use it with MailScanner, but it 
sure helps analyze what's going on in real time.

MailScanner is pretty easy to set up, especially if you know what you 
want to do with it.

Spamassassin is a little more complicated, but again, it works pretty 
much out of the box. Tuning it to make it work better is always a plus.

The main point to express is that this list helps everyone with any of 
the above programs. It's amazing the help I've received with sendmail on 
this list without being told to join the sendmail list. Go ahead and try 
it out. It's not permanent in any way.

steve campbell

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