CentOS 6.2 ?

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Sat Mar 17 00:44:07 GMT 2012

Quoting Lance Haig <lhaig at haigmail.com>:

> Hi All,
> Is it possible to get MS running on CentOS 6.2?
> I need to move my current install.
> Regards
> Lance

I have it running on one server now and am planning another install shortly.

My biggest problem was mostly due to the preferences of Centos 6.2. It wants to
use postfix for the smtp server and dovecot for imap/pop. Both of these are new
to me and require, to some degree, some configuration beyond what the old
services required. I eventually went back to sendmail for smtp. I installed
mailwatch 1.1.15 and except for the few changes it required (some dos2unix
fixes, etc) I had no problem there. Clamd is the same.

Depending on what you're moving from, I'd say you won't have much problems
unless you're moving from something really, really old. I moved from Centos 3.


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