lots of spam getting through with zero score since saturday

Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at pdscc.com
Mon Mar 12 17:25:43 GMT 2012

Kinda scratching my head here

Client emailed to say that this weekend lots of spam started coming through. 
Other than moving the box from physical to virtual about a month ago, there 
haven't been any changes or updates.

All the spam that's getting through has a listing of 0.00 Clean in Mailwatch, 
this is what I see in Mailwatch when I pull up the detailed info..

Spam:  N   Action(s): store, deliver 
High Scoring Spam:  N  
SpamAssassin Spam:  N  
Listed in RBL:  N  
Spam Whitelisted:  N  
Spam Blacklisted:  N  
SpamAssassin Autolearn:  N  
SpamAssassin Score: 0.00 

Spam Report: Score Matching Rule Description 
cached not   
out timed 
Some messages are being appropriately tagged as spam, even highscoring spam, 
but that's maybe 1 out of a hundred, the other 99 are just flowing through.

I'm reviewing the configuration, but so far nothing seems out of the 

Suggestions for next steps?

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