Betr.: Update Clamav

Arjan Melein Amelein at
Tue Mar 6 08:26:27 GMT 2012

If you go with compiling from source, make sure you do not have the RPM's installed.
If you want to use RPM's, get the SRPM's and build from that, which makes future updates easier but can cause issues if your distro has clamav in its repo's and releases something slightly newer.
There are plenty of howto's on how to set up 'rpmbuild' for first use.

If, after installing your own new version, MS hates you and can't find clamav or wont update it, check the virus.scanners.conf and clamav-autoupdate files.
Other then that it should pretty much be as straightforward as you already said, just make sure you don't end up with different versions installed at the same time :-)


>>> Op 6-3-2012 om 8:08 is door "Suren Manatunga" <suren at> geschreven:
> Does anyone know, how to upgrade the Clamav from the Clamav site itself,
> Because clearly Mailscanner Team is not supporting us by updating their web
> site.
> I was thinking to do something like this, can someone confirm if this should
> work
> wget 
> tar zxvf clamav-0.97.3.tar.gz
> ./configure -prefix=/usr/bin/
> Make
> Make install
> Any help would be appreciated

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