Michael Mansour micoots at
Mon Mar 5 23:47:42 GMT 2012

For the benefit of the list, I also had to do (for ScamNailer):

1. Edit /usr/local/bin/ScamNailer and change to:

  my $urlbase = "";

2. rm -fr /var/cache/ScamNailer/

3. re-run /usr/local/bin/ScamNailer



 From: Julian Field <MailScanner at>
To: MailScanner-Announce mailing list list <mailscanner-announce at> 
Sent: Monday, 5 March 2012 9:49 PM
Subject: MailScanner IMPORTANT FIX
This is important news for all users of MailScanner and/or ScamNailer.

Due to a domain name expiring (yes, my fault, I know :-( ) the updates for the known bad phishing sites will no longer be correct.

You can either
1a. Download and install the latest release of MailScanner from
1b. Edit /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_sites (and /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_emails if you have it too). Change "" to "".

2. After doing steps 1a or 1b above,
    rm -rf /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/phishingupdate
(and run /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_emails if you have it too).

This will regenerate the correct cache, as it may have been corrupted by the people who swiped my domain.

Sorry about all of this,

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