/usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_sites broken

Peter Nitschke email at ace.net.au
Mon Mar 5 20:05:57 GMT 2012

Thank you for the prompt solution!


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On 5/03/2012 at 10:46 AM Julian Field wrote:

>Many thanks for the offers, I have already got it setup and running again.
>You can either
>1. Download and install the latest release from www.mailscanner.info.
>2. Edit /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_sites (and 
>/usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_emails if you have it too). Change 
>"www.mailscanner.tv" to "cdn.mailscanner.info".
>After doing this,
>     rm -rf /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/phishingupdate
>     /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_sites
>(and run /usr/sbin/update_bad_phishing_emails if you have it too).
>This will regenerate the correct cache, as it may have been corrupted by 
>the people who swiped my domain.
>Sorry about all of this,

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