Adding Multiple Signatures

Paul Littlefield info at
Thu Jun 28 09:34:34 IST 2012

On 27/06/12 22:29, Scott Silva wrote:
> Add who they are via the MUA, and then add companywide via mailscanner?

Hi Scott

Yes, I had thought of that, but this particular client uses some proprietary software for legal work and for some reason when they choose to use Thunderbird (their MUA) to send a message to a client, it completely blanks the MUA signature!

Now, ofcourse, I could start asking the developers of the proprietary software to start hacking their closed source code to accommodate my client, but that's just... well, a non-starter.

However, if my client uses the proprietary software to send emails direct to the SMTP server (running MailScanner) then ofcourse I can do what I want... hence the need for 1 + 1 signatures.

Thanks for your suggestion, it's a valid one!



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