Attachment replaced, but no Inline Warning

Markus Wennrich mwen at
Tue Jun 26 11:07:21 IST 2012

Yes, I have:

Inline HTML Warning = %report-dir%/inline.warning.html
Inline Text Warning = %report-dir%/inline.warning.txt
Mark Infected Messages = yes

And it usually works fine ... just this mail got through without inline
warning. I guess the module, which usually inserts the warning text,
couldn't correctly parse the mime-structure or something like that.


On 25.06.2012 16:08, Sampson, Aaron wrote:
> Have you double checked your MailScanner.conf file?  I believe that there is an option that you can change to fix that.  I will try to pull up ours and see what the option is and attach it in another e-mail.
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> Subject: Attachment replaced, but no Inline Warning
> Hi,
> I have a mail with a trojan, which is received and processed by mailscanner.
> The virus is found by clamscan, the attachment is replaced by Attachment-Warning.txt, etc ... everything looks fine, with one exception:
> No "Inline Warning" text at the top of the mail.
> In every other mail (html or non-html) processed by our MailScanner (file type, file name, virus) a "Inline Warning" is added ... except for this mail.
> I've attached the mail (message.txt), version-output, the processed mail
> (out.txt) and the maillog as encrypted zip (password: mailscanner), cause I fear, nobody will read this mail, if it contains a plain virus ;-)
> Has anybody a idea, why mailscanner can't add a Inline Warning to this email?
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus

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