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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Jun 8 17:40:56 IST 2012

Al Cooper wrote:
> These servers on our internal network and I don't want to have a
> public DNS record for each server, for all the world to see. 

When you say "These servers" do you mean the sending servers or the rejecting servers?  I intrepreted it that external servers were rejecting mail sent from an internal server because of the lack of an address.  If that's the case, I presume a NAT is created between the internal server and the outside world.  Is the NAT dynamic or static?  The easiest way to deal w/that is to create a static NAT so outbound mail always appears to come from the same external interface and add an A record for that.

If the rejecting servers are internal, then a split view DNS (as another respondent suggested) is pretty easy to set up and you can securly publish the name/address of internal hosts for use by the internal network w/o exposing it to the outside world...

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