Sophos on Solaris/Sparc - V4 or V7?

Kristen Eisenberg kristen.eisenberg at
Sun Jan 15 15:43:54 GMT 2012

Hi all,

Been out of the loop here for a long time but haven't seen much about
Sophos in my archive.

We've been using MailScanner for a loooong time on Solaris/Sparc boxes.
We've stuck to using version 4 on the "if it ain't broke" principle,
doing the manual engine update every month or two. We kind of shied away
from using the newer versions maintained by Enterprise Manager which
update automagically, just in case something went wrong and wasn't
spotted. There doesn't seem to be any mention on the Sophos site of
support for this version ending any time soon but my guess is it won't
go on for ever...

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