Problem winmail.dat and TNEF

Mike Andrews mikea at
Tue Feb 21 16:48:34 GMT 2012

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 04:19:42PM +0000, mul wrote:
> Hello,
> i Have Mailscanner 4.83.25 as gateway for my exchange 2010.
> Some users receive bad mail with winmail.what is weird is that same email sent 
> from outside to multiple recipients, will be good for three users and the last 
> has winmail.dat.

This is dependent on how the outside user sends the mail. I have had this
exact problem many times. In each case where person X was getting winmail.dat
attachments from <foocorp>, while others were getting HTML mail from the same
sender, it has turned out that the sender at <foocorp> had set up mail to
person X differently from the other recipients who were getting HTML mail.

Each time, I have had the sender swear up and down that all recipients were
set up the same way, and then received an apology from the sending site's
mail admin.

Mike Andrews, W5EGO
mikea at
Tired old sysadmin 

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