www.mailscanner.info blacklisted by fresh15.spameatingmonkey.net

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Thu Feb 2 21:53:53 GMT 2012

On 02/02/2012 05:56 PM, Stephen Swaney wrote:
> Heads up.
> Feb  2 08:42:39 dg xxxx[25658]: o118gO256586044300 #721 end i= p="" f="lan,relay,no_ptr,quit,ipv6" h="mailserver.zzzz.com" m=0/1 b=11310 R=1 t=15 l="550 5.7.1 rejected content, black listed www.mailscanner.info by fresh15.spameatingmonkey.net. #762 #895 (o118gO256586044300)" p0f="(unknown) hops 0”
> http://spameatingmonkey.com/lookup?check=www.mailscanner.info&submit=submit
> This can block mail if the default MailScanner signature is used or replied to.
> Steve
> ---
> Steve Swaney
> steve at fsl.com

Just got this:

We have completed removal of 'mailscanner.info' from all applicable 
lists.  To confirm this, go to:

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at 
admin at spameatingmonkey.com or use the contact form on our website.

Thank you,
SEM Admin

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