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Wed Feb 1 20:27:08 GMT 2012

If someone mails me new URLs when you've all got packages ready in an 
installable state, I'll update the website to point to 

Presumably you can build installables which can be got from Github, or 
do I need to give someone write access to the 
website files so they can keep them up to date as well? (Change Log, 
home page and the like, as well as the downloads page)


On 01/02/2012 20:01, Steve Campbell wrote:
> I've never used github, so I need some tutoring. After viewing their 
> site, I'm not sure I'm seeing it the way I should be seeing it.
> Will the downloads still be at the same place as before? Is github 
> just for the coding, modification, and patching of MS by developers, 
> or will this be where we download our stuff from to install it?
> steve campbell
> Jules
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