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Thu Dec 20 19:24:51 GMT 2012

Hello All,

I spoke to Jules about emailing the list on this topic. This is the second
and last email regarding the Mailborder beta that you will see.

The Mailborder open beta will be closing December 31, 2012. This open beta
is open only to members of this list. If you don't have time to try out
Mailborder before the holidays, you can do a quick registration and claim
your keys to use later. Use the coupon code Beta323 (case sensitive) in the
store's shopping cart to reduce the cost to zero. You can also try out the
standard fully-functional trial at a later date.

If you haven't heard of Mailborder yet, Mailborder is a clusterable email
gateway solution that utilizes MailScanner as its processing engine. It is
configurable via a web interface with numerous reporting features.

Best Regards,

Jerry Benton
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