Mail-scanner not able to block exe in zip

Ryan Braganza ryan.virgo at
Mon Aug 27 14:55:07 IST 2012

Dear Users,

I have enabled blocking of exe in zip archives by setting the "Maximum
Archive Depth = 5"

I have a proper exe file wininst-7.1.exe which maybe is some windows setup
exe. When i do a file command for this exe i get the below output

file wininst-7.1.exe
wininst-7.1.exe: PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit

If I zip it and mail it, Mailscanner fails to block it and pass's it

If a create a file with an exe extension

file ryan1.exe
ryan1.exe: ASCII text

Mailscanner is able to block it .....

What could be wrong here ? the version am using is mailscanner-4.84.3-1

* Someone wrote:
"I understand that if you play a Microsoft Windows CD backwards you hear
strange Satanic messages"

To which someone replied:* *
"It's even worse than that; play it forwards and it installs Windows Vista
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