SBS 2003/Exchange and a Linux Spam Gateway

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I haven't even been able to install it on Ubuntu. When I eneter4ed this,
I got file not found.







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There are a lot of guides on the net that show you how to install the
software and configure it.  Here is one that I used
.0 I hope that it helps.  Also not sure if this guide lists this but
during your installation there is an error in the software that causes
Mail Scanner not to work properly.  There is a simple fix to this where
you have to add a -U to the end of #!/usr/bin/perl
-I/usr/lib/MailScanner -U  adding the -U will fix the problem and
together it is a very powerful software suite



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My company uses Microsoft Small Business Server which is running
Exchange 2003 for email services. We have been using a service called
Exchange Defender provided to us by a consultant that were getting rid
of. Exchange Defender is a service that filters spam and viruses for us.
There are just 5 of us using Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2010 as clients.
I have a little box that is a Via Epia 15000EG motherboard with 1G of
RAM and a 250GB drive. I put Linux Mint 13 Mate 32-bit on it and it
works great. I would like to use this little box as an email gateway to
filter spam and viruses for the Exchange 2003 server. It would be nice
if I could just pop that little box between the Internet and the
Exchange server as an appliance to do this. I did some Googling and
found SpamAssassin and ClamAV as free products to do this. I am just not
clear on how to install them properly on the Linux box and how to
configure it.

I would like to figure out how to do this myself, because I would learn
something valuable and get this service running for myself.

Thanks ahead of time.




Rudy Hartmann

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