How to block emails that FROM doesn't belongs to server domain list

Rob Verduijn rob.verduijn at
Thu Aug 16 09:10:46 IST 2012


If you mean mails that fake sending from your domain to your domain
(or anywhere else) you might wanna look into dns ptr records.
It's a simple trick that allows the receiver to perform a dns lookup
on the sending mail server to verify if it's one of the valid mail
servers for that domain.

It's not foolproof since the receiving end has to do this, but if the
receiving end is you it works like a charm :)

With ptr dns records you will no longer receive mails from a sender
that claims to be from your domain, and a lot of other mail servers
who have their ptr record defined as well.

I know google uses it since I forgot a mailserver in the dns ptr
record once, and it started rejecting all the mail from that specific
mail server.


2012/8/16 Sergio <secmas at>:
> Hi all,
> how may I can block and delete any email that is trying to be delivered from
> the server that the FROM is none of the domains that belongs to the server?
> Could this be done?
> Best Regards,
> Sergio Cabrera
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