MailScanner to Dovecot LDA

Paul Littlefield info at
Thu Aug 9 16:11:42 IST 2012

On 09/08/12 15:04, Dave Helton wrote:
> A quick look at your post... not having tested this or anything.
> But, isn't mailertable suppose to be "mailer:domain" and not "mailer:user"
> I believe it should be "dovecot:localhost" and let dovecot accept and forward the
> mail to the virtual user based on the To: address.

Hi Dave

Yes, thanks for that... I am very nearly there! (Dovecot, or Sendmail, keep chopping the domain part of the email address off)

Read latest results here:

Further to Martin's suggestion, I am going to post on the Dovecot mailing list for this first part with Sendmail, then my come back here if I have trouble with the MailScanner extra bit "in the middle"!

Thank to all who replied, and sorry for cluttering the list with the wrong issues!



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