MailScanner to Dovecot LDA

Paul Littlefield info at
Thu Aug 9 13:02:16 IST 2012

On 09/08/12 10:54, Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Best way to get started is to ignore MailScanner for the moment
> Get sendmail just passing emails through and delivering them.
> then you can split the setup into the 'incoming sendmail' -> MailScanner -> 'outgoing sendmail'

Hi Martin

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am trying your suggestion... but no joy so far!

I will keep pressing on, and posts my results here every hour:-

I have to add that (on the same test server) I have successfully managed to get Fetchmail > Dovecot LDA > Virtual Users working, so I know Dovecot is sound.

My conf for Sendmail is obviously wrong...



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