Clam update problems

Steve Basford steveb_clamav at
Tue Aug 7 19:38:34 IST 2012

> Has anybody been having problems with ClamAV updates that came out
> today?
> I started getting a bunch of false positives and errors this morning,
> and finally had turn of virus scanning in MailScanner.conf to get
> messages to flow.

If you are using unofficial sigs...

Just had a report that MBL_303159 is giving mass FP's (a bad signature)

SO, if you are using MBL ones... something like this will help...

printf > ignoresigs.ign2 MBL_303159
copy the ignoresigs.ign2 file to clamav db directory and restart clamd

As the MBL ones aren't distributed or produced by me, I can't really do
much more that add an updated .ign2 file to the mirrors :(



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