Consequences of increasing email size from 16M to 25M

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Aug 3 09:45:06 IST 2012

Denis is indeed correct. Uping the limit in Postfix will not affect the
size of things being fed into SA. The increase in size will probably only
affect clamd, and that marginally.
What some people may notice is that really big mail tend to take fairly
long time to go through, esoecially on rather busy systems, since they will
be handled last, in most cases:-). ( It's not as easy as that, but... Try
explain queue theory and MTA priority rule sets to your CEO, and you'll see
someone lose interrest really fast;-)

-- Glenn
Den 20 jul 2012 18:24 skrev "Robert Lopez" <rlopezcnm at>:

> Thank you to every one who replied.
> Dave and Martin, We do have a file transfer system.
> Denis, Thank you, I will trust you are correct and proceed to build a
> test system and verify.
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