best way to not check attachments over 1MB?

Sergio secmas at
Tue Apr 17 22:08:09 IST 2012

Hello all,
what is the best way to tweak MS to not check or scan for attachments
larger than 1MB but that could delete messages with attachments larger than

I have already set the following settings, but when an email larger thatn
30MB enters, the load on the server goes high and the deliver is stopped
until the message has been scanned:

- *Gunzip Command: /bin/gunzip
- **Gunzip Timeout: 50
- **Unrar Command: {blank}
- **Unrar Timeout: 0
- **Maximum Message Size: %rules-dir%/max.message.size.rules
- **Maximum Attachment Size: %rules-dir%/max.attach.size.rules
- **Minimum Attachment Size: -1
- **Maximum Archive Depth: 0
- **Virus Scanners: clamd
- **Virus Scanner Timeout: 60
- **ClamAVmodule Maximum Recursion Level: 8
- **ClamAVmodule Maximum Files: 1000
- **ClamAVmodule Maximum File Size: 1000000 # (1 Mbytes)
- **ClamAVmodule Maximum Compression Ratio: 250
- **Clamd Use Threads: yes*
*- **ClamAV Full Message Scan: no
- **Max Spam Check Size: 200K
- **Max SpamAssassin Size: 200K
- **SpamAssassin Timeout: 75
- **Max SpamAssassin Timeouts: 10

I think all this commands are relevant to what I want to accomplish, if I
need another one, please tell me and if this commands needs to be fixed,
please tell me as well.

Your help is appreciated.



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