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On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Richard Mealing <richard at> wrote:
> usage: mktemp [-d] [-q] [-t prefix] [-u] template ...
>        mktemp [-d] [-q] [-u] -t prefix
> /usr/local/libexec/MailScanner/bitdefender-wrapper: Cannot create 
> temporary file
> usage: mktemp [-d] [-q] [-t prefix] [-u] template ...
>        mktemp [-d] [-q] [-u] -t prefix
> /usr/local/libexec/MailScanner/clamav-wrapper: Cannot make name for 
> temporary dir

Seems like on your platform you can't use just mktemp with no args at all. On Solaris all args are optional:

     mktemp [-dtqu] [-p directory] [template]

Try editing the wrapper files to something like this:

TempDir=$(mktemp -t tmp.XXXXXX) || { echo "$0: Cannot make name for temporary dir" >&2; exit 1; }


Thanks Peter.. That works fine. 

I had already replaced it with mktemp -t tmp and that works. When I add the XXXXXX I just get a load of X's and then the unique letter combination.
It was something like this - tmp.XXXXXX.GQm45Ohl

But without I get this - 

ls -l tmp.*
-rw-------  1 root  clamav  0 Apr 11 17:18 tmp.XR8g1ILO
-rw-------  1 root  clamav  0 Apr 11 17:18 tmp.uobA8fLv

I assume this is because it can't find the current process number or there isn't one. ?

"The trailing `Xs' are replaced with the current process number and/or a
     unique letter combination.  The number of unique file names mktemp can
     return depends on the number of `Xs' provided; six `Xs' will result in
     mktemp selecting 1 of 56800235584 (62 ** 6) possible file names."

Thanks again. 

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