byebye MailScanner

C. Jon Larsen jlarsen at
Wed Apr 11 05:40:11 IST 2012

> What utter bullshit, many well respected distros, Slackware and Gentoo have had problems, I'd hardly say
> either of them are poor distros, they just like to work in modern times unless debian and RHEL.
> /debian trolling material omitted, any enterprise grade distro is perfect for the task - this excludes fedora
> and ubuntu which are just glorified desktops of their enterprise grade cousins.

Theres a good reason why debian makes a good base for mailscanner. Its not 
an accident. The build of perl gave me a less trouble than Redhat over the 
course of 2-3 yrs. Redhats not bad, and debians not perfect, but for 
mailscanner I would suggest debian. Thats not trolling, its experience.

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