byebye MailScanner

C. Jon Larsen jlarsen at
Wed Apr 11 02:13:21 IST 2012

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012, Peter Farrow wrote:

> It uses Postfix... /shudder/

My 2c as along time user:

Mailscanner works fine with postfix. Postfix is an excellent MTA. Compared 
to sendmail and qmail I much prefer it - configuration is easier to 
manage, especially in a cluster, performance is better (than sendmail) and 
the tools are better than qmail. Dont know much about exim, but postfix is 
supposed to have a better design from a security perspective.

The folks that are having perl problems with MailScanner - its prob.
your OS moreso than perl. As someone set, slapping in a poorly constructed
OS (many Linux distros are these days) with random builds of perl is NOT a 
good idea.

I have run MailScanner under Redhat (long ago) amavisd-net under Debian 
sarge/etch and went back to MailScanner after dabbling with the horrible 
commercial product that is MailFoundry. Been with MailScannner on debian 
now for 3 years or so.

If you take the time to get a proper debian base OS setup, install the 
debian perl packages, install debian postfix, debian clamav, you should be 
in solid shape. The folks that chose OSes that are not as stable 
(especially Fedora) you are shooting yourself on the foot more or less.

You will have less stable more bleeding edge packages and you will have to 
spend more time using CPAN and installing perl packages manually and 
fiddling with other levels of broken-ness.

You need to take the time to learn SMTP, the ins and outs of being 
a mail admin, your MTA (postfix or other), learn a some perl basics and 
how to work with cpan, and basic clamav configuration and maintenance.

If you have those skills, running MailScanner is a small step above that. 
If you dont have those skills, you should not be running anything until 
you do :)  Pay someone else, or pay a vendor for a cloud solution.

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