Archiving email and Remove These Headers = Disposition-Notification-To:

Steve Roy-Wojciechowski steve.roy.wojciechowski at
Tue Apr 10 21:07:51 IST 2012

I have a Mailscanner setup where we are archiving email for later
sorting and also have a "Remove These Headers =
Archiving is done via the "Archive Mail = " tag
Mailscanner version is 4.74.15

For mail being delivered into an inbox the
Disposition-Notification-To: is being stripped out, however mail that
is archived still has this header.
So the message is tossed into the archive before the header is stripped out.

The issue is that is when a person later goes into the archives and
reads an email it often is asking for a "read-receipt".  This could be
weeks or months after the original email was read in their inbox and
often the user will send a "read receipt" which then arrives back at
the sender months after they asked for it.

How can I make sure the Disposition-Notification-To: is removed before
it is archived?


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