MailScanner and Spamassasin and Recipient count

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I'm not looking to record the recipients in the headers but MailScanner knows the envelope recipients for things like the "Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed" option.  I'm looking for a way for SA to have either the envelope recipients for a count rule or maybe the envelope recipient count from MailScanner to be referenced in SA.

Make sense?


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On 04/06/2012 05:44 PM, Rose, Bobby wrote:
> Does anyone know how to have MailScanner pass the expanded recipients
> to spamassassin?  I know you can count the number of recipients in the
> header but when it's to a group or BCC, it's only one recipient or so
> in the headers so you can't count.  I'm assuming MailScanner knows the
> recipients since it logs it to mailwatch.  Just wondering if there is
> a way of passing that info to SA so it could count envelope recipients
> instead of headers.

AFAIK, this has to be done at MTA level for it to pass it on to MailScanner / SA

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