External TNEF decoding bug in MailScanner 4.84.3

Randal, Phil prandal at herefordshire.gov.uk
Tue Sep 27 17:57:03 IST 2011

Hi folks,

The following change to TNEF.pm (from 4.83.5 to 4.84.3) breaks external TNEF decoding:

@@ -228,7 +228,9 @@
   my($dir, $tnefname, $message, $perms, $owner, $group, $change) = @_;

   # Create the subdir to unpack it into
-  my $unpackdir = "tnef.$$";
+  #my $unpackdir = "tnef.$$";
+  my ($tmpfh, $unpackdir) = tempfile("tnefXXXXXX", TMPDIR => $dir, UNLINK => 0);
+  $dir =~ s,^.*/,,;
   $unpackdir = $message->MakeNameSafe($unpackdir, $dir);
   unless (mkdir "$dir/$unpackdir", 0777) {
     MailScanner::Log::WarnLog("Trying to unpack %s in message %s, could not create subdirectory %s, failed to unpack TNEF message", $tnefname, $message->{id},

Error logged is:

Sep 27 15:36:20 mx0 MailScanner[17000]: Expanding TNEF archive at /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/17000/p8REaJo0023344/winmail.dat
Sep 27 15:36:20 mx0 MailScanner[17000]: Trying to unpack nwinmail.dat in message p8REaJo0023344, could not create subdirectory p8REaJo0023344//tnefiOXxho, failed to unpack TNEF message
Sep 27 15:36:20 mx0 MailScanner[17000]: Corrupt TNEF winmail.dat that cannot be analysed in message p8REaJo0023344

Changing to internal decoder fixes this.

All worked fine with external decoder in 4.83.5.


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