Spam Attacks

Paul Kelly :: Blacknight paul at
Wed Sep 14 11:07:59 IST 2011

> I've got pflogsumm daily reports stored since August -08, and apart
> from natural differences (layoffs making the total volume drop,
> temporarily driving up the "no such address"-rejections back in -09) a
> cursory comparision of a semi-random selection show no real difference
> during the last months (well, there's always a lull during the
> summer/vacation period:-).

[Paul Kelly] Care to share percentages maybe? :)

> But that  might only show quirks of my particular setup, volume and
> usage patterns of my userbase etc. I suspect an ISP-type organization
> would be more likely to ... attract ... badness:-).

 [Paul Kelly] Believe it or not, 10 domain names from the 43k or so hosted on our Qmail cluster get 94% of all e-mail. One of them is a medical research company. I suspect someone out there doesn't like them :-)

Top 10 domains received 20,000,000 (yes 20 million) + spam rejections in the last 10 days.

It's a wee bit crazy.



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