Steve Basford steveb_clamav at
Mon Sep 12 09:17:57 IST 2011

> Hey
> Is there a problem with the scamnailer.ndb generator? The file downloaded
> from the website is 0 bytes, which went and broke clam’s daemon on
> several fairly important mail processors.
> I have disabled the download and removed the file for the moment. Not too
> sure if this has broken anyone else, however since we are prettywell first
> into the new week because of our timezone, it may also be breaking others
> that use it in this way.

Hi Brent,

Can confirm there is an issue...

Normal size:

11/09/2011  09:46         8,326,394 scamnailer.ndb

Current size:

12/09/2011  00:56           638,976 scamnailer.ndb

The version currently distributed via the Sanesecurity mirrors is ok, as
it's checked before uploading.



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