I have two problem...

吳汝剛 ak6783 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 03:59:57 IST 2011

I sort out my problems now
Environment is as follows:
Fedora 13 and the system is updated to the latest package
MailScanner version 4.84.3

1 When I set the Sign Clean Messages = yes, but also to determine the Inline
HTML Signature file path to determine the existence, sent a letter to no
additional content Inline HTML Signature

2. I set there in filename.rules.conf deny \.scr$ line set, but when I send
a letter and attached from the outside .scr files, MailScanner is not
blocked, this function fails completely

Can be tested in such an environment, not the first day I use MailScanner, in
previous versions of these functions on my server is using, is to upgrade to
4.84.3 it can not be used

Please ~ ~ Thank you
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