MS Doesn't completely block spam with faulty attachments

Joolee mailscanner at
Thu Sep 1 08:17:04 IST 2011

Hallo Everybody,

I've experienced a small flood of virus E-mails. These E-mails (subj.: "ACH
Payment *random number* Canceled") contain attachments named like:
They obviously get blocked by the "no executables" and "No double file
extensions" rules. The problem is that after blocking them, an automated
E-mail is send to the original recipient and the  (faked) sender of the
message, informing them of the blocked attachment.

Had the E-mails been processed further, they would've probably hit the
virusscanner (not tested) or spamassassin (gives a score of 27 when tested)
and the E-mail would've silently been discarded as a virus / spam /

Is it possible to let the MailScanner continue it's processing when hitting
the file name rules and / or running the filename rule at a later time?
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