Query with Spam and virus check ,

jayesh shinde jayesha_shinde at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 12:00:22 GMT 2011

 Hi , 

I have query with Spam and virus check , 

I am using the MS version 4.74.13 and clamav f-prot-6 for anti-virus  

>From last few days , some spam emails are coming with virus attachment. 
The MailScanner is detecting the email as SPAM email and stop doing the virus checking next. I have set the SPAM action as deliver. And because of that this setting such virus email is directly getting deliver to end user. 
The desktop antivirus is detecting the emails as virus. 

I do some google and read on list that  :--
when  the message  marked as definitely spam and no further tests are performed to save  processing time.

 I want to change this process flow. That I want to let mail to be do a SPAM and virus check further. I have servers which can handle the load. 
Is it possible to do this MailScanner config ?

Jayesh Shinde

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