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Thu Nov 17 11:19:10 GMT 2011

EXTRA NOTE: This will take very long the first time and Mailscanner can be
configured to skip Spamassassin checks during this time or hold all E-mail
until finished. If it's a company server, I recommend configuring
Mailscanner to hold all E-mails during expiry and starting the task at
friday evening. You can run it with "2>&1 > ~/expire.log &" at the end so
it redirects all output to ~/expire.log and rund in the background. (you
can end your SSH session) (Can someone check this code? I'm not very fluent
in output redirection)

You could also delete the whole Bayes DB and download a recent copy of
someone that does run expiry every now and than :P

It is perfectly normal for an E-mail to have a negative score, this just
means that the E-mail is definitely not spam. If there are SPAM E-mails
that are getting a negative score, you got a problem ;)
A spamfilter aims to give all HAM a score as low as possible and all SPAM a
score as high as possible. Alle E-mails that hover around the threshold
score (usually 6) are unsure and should be checked manually.

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> >
> > Spamassassin configuration is in autolearning. So there has to be
> > found in
> > spam HAM.
> >  Occasionally, I learn to SpamAssassin manually.
> >
> >  But this problem has been the case since I installed mailscanner.
> >  Since the
> > beginning I have negative cores.
> >
> >  Do I have to disable the AutoLearn, how?
> No you can keep autolearn, just make sure you manually train those that
> fail!
> >
> >  how can your remove the old tokens?
> >
> e.g. by running
> sa-learn --force-expire -p /etc/MailScanner/spam.assassin.prefs.conf
> NOTE: This will remove lots of tokens from your Bayes DB, make sure you
> have reviewed your settings in the config file first, and make a backup of
> the bayes DB if you are unsure you want to do this!
> Specifically check your
> bayes_expiry_max_db_size
> setting
> /Markus
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