false fraud positives with domain shorteners

Joolee mailscanner at joolee.nl
Wed Nov 16 09:51:46 GMT 2011

Than, what about stuff like http://youtu.be/Hw2K9SifAXk, other Google
shorteners, shorteners used on twitter (automated mailing systems for
tweets will send the shortened urls) or stuff like http://twk.rs/nj4D which
is a service provided by tweakers.net and points to

It's a bit to much to mark any E-mail that includes a shortened url as
spam. I will give all E-mails containing a shortener a spam score  of +2
but I let the other URL checkers in SpamAssassin and my plugins decide
whether the url the shortened version points to is malicious.

On 16 November 2011 10:06, Mogens Melander <mogens at fumlersoft.dk> wrote:

> On Tue, November 15, 2011 17:43, John Baker wrote:
> > HI all,
> >
> > I had a complaint to day with mail scanner putting" MailScanner has
> > detected definite fraud in the website at" in a perfectly legitimate link
> > using Google domain shortener. Does anybody have any ideas on how to keep
> > fraud checking on but allowing domain shortener?
> Well, personally i consider any shortened link a fraud. Someone trying
> to hide who they really are.
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> Later
> Mogens Melander
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