2 questions different SA scores for outbound vs inbound and best ldap/AD connector for postfix

Harondel J. Sibble mailscanner at pdscc.com
Fri May 27 16:49:52 IST 2011

Question #1

Is there a way to assign different spam score requirements to inbound vs 
outbound mail?  I see in the list archives instructions for disabling 
outbound SA scoring, but not for different directional scores.

Basically want

spam = 4
high scoring spam = 7

spam = 7
high scoring spam = 12

Can someone point me to instructions on how to make this work or let me know 
if it's not even possible?

Question #2

what's the current recommended best AD/LDAP connector for using with Postfix 
and Exchange 2010/Windows 2008 R2 AD.

I've been reviewing the list archives and googling and see there are still a 
lot of options in general, but most I've come across so far seem to be 
specific to EX2003/2007/Win2k3.

Customer is happy to pay for a commercial solution.  Just looking for the 
simplest to deploy/maintain.

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