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Achim J. Latz achim+mailwatch at
Wed Mar 30 11:11:52 IST 2011

Hello Martin:

On 29/03/2011 17:12, Martin Hepworth wrote:
> upgrade to the latest version (and SA latest version) and see if it's
> still a problem

4.79.11 is unfortunately the last version that is available as an 
official package for Debian/Ubuntu, so several people will stick to that 
version until somebody resumes packaging for the orphaned MailScanner 
[1]: maybe I should start doing this? Is anybody else on this list 
interested in the latest version as DEB?

On topic: is there a way to disable the dangerous content checks in 
4.79.11? As explained in my last message, even setting:

Dangerous Content Scanning = no

does not disable the scanning. How can I avoid "Could not analyze message"?

Thanks, Achim

[1] <>

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