Return-Path header issue causing SA flag RP_8BIT

Jules Field MailScanner at
Wed Mar 23 17:55:03 GMT 2011

I have just published an update to MailScanner which resolves this problem.

Thanks to Steve Freegard for his invaluable help!


On 23/03/2011 10:09, Ricardo Branco wrote:
> Messages comming though MailScanner are getting checked with SA and 
> being flagged up with RP_8BIT as the Return-Path is set as follows.
> Return-Path:<<81>g>
> If we then receive the email it shows the Return-Path filled out 
> correctly but if its quarrantined we can check the file on the server 
> and we see the Return-Path as above, this is causing issues as all 
> messages get marked up by SA with RP_8BIT which we have now had to 
> score to 0.


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