reports encoding

Lars Wilke l.wilke at
Fri Mar 18 12:25:23 GMT 2011


i seek some advice on how i should cope with emails
encoded in utf-8 vs ISO8859-1 or 15.
Sadly i have no control about the users mail clients.

As i understand it, in MailScanner i can only distinguish
between the languages the reports are in.
I can not further distinguish between different encodings.
Is this correct?

So how do other people cope with this?

Not strictly on topic but related, i need to insert disclaimers
at the end of the mail (yes i know, better let the mua do this but ...).
The only viable non commercial solution seems to be altermime, which
suffers the same problem. AFAIU it does not distinguish or handle different
encodings :(

i guess i could write a wrapper for altermime which tries to figure out
the correct encoding?
Hm, but i guess this will open a big can of worms.

Any advice would be very welcome,


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