UUencoded attachments

Alvaro Marin alvaro at hostalia.com
Fri Mar 18 11:12:56 GMT 2011


one of our customers is using a webmail (squirrelmail or horde) that 
can't show uuencoded files as attachments, so they are shown as text.

MailScanner extract them correctly, and I think that could be a method 
to re-attach them in base64+MIME format.

I see a commented function in Message.pm:

## Try to detect and dispatch embedded uuencode as a fake multipart message.
## Returns new entity or undef.
#sub hunt_for_uuencode {

that could help to convert those uuencoded files to base64+MIME mail.
Any idea about how to use it?


Alvaro Marín Illera
Hostalia Internet

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