Spamassassin woes...

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Nope - no trace of them anywhere after uninstalling 3.2.5.  I'll probably have to install 3.3.1 from source.
I fully understand (and agree with) the practice of distributions not upgrading packages when newer ones come out, but there's *some* packages like spamassassin and clamav that should be the latest.  Bug/security fixes aren't always enough.  Sigh...

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Likely found in /usr/local/bin...or similar, along with sa-update...


Den 15 mar 2011 07.29, "Martin Hepworth" <maxsec at<mailto:maxsec at>> skrev:


Ms doesn't use the binaries but the perl api as you prob know. Have
you done a sa-update as the 3.3 releases have no rules by default and
you have to download them. I'd check the binaries aren't elsewhere.


On Tuesday, 15 March 2011, Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at<mailto:Kevin_Miller at>> wrote:
> This morning I trie...

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