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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Mon Mar 14 19:06:15 GMT 2011

>DCc, pyzor and razor are digest tests, and as such aren't 
>considered RBLs (not really checked through the DNS system, 
>among other things).

Thanks - that's what I suspected but wanted to make sure I 
could rule them out.

>If you get unacceptable FPs in MS, simply don't use that BL 
>in MS, use it for points in SA only. But if the digests 
>fire _and_ your BL... It sure looks like spam, no?! You've 
>looked at the content, I gather?

The digests don't necessarily fire on these.  There were a couple, but many of the messages didn't pop on  the digest tests.  

I have looked at the content.  It's all above board.  The actual spam scores are generally in the negative range.  It's just the presence of the google address that's tripping them up.  But it's not all google addresses.  
MailWatch doesn't report which RBL was being triggered and looking at the 'raw' messages in the /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/<DATE>/spam directory doesn't offer any clues as to which either.  All kind of a mystery.  I'll grab one of the raw messages and run it through MailScanner in debug mode if I can find my notes on doing so.  It's probably on the wiki.

That's the problem with MailScanner & spamassassin - they're so darn reliable that it's months and months between issues that I forget how to use them! <g>

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