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Yes, I compared the files.
 there are two files in the zip link
 correct.rem the file is the file without going through mailscanner,
wrong.rem the file is the same file, but passing by mailscanner.

 only when I use postfix, the file is delivered normally. when I use postfix
+ mailscanner the problem appears. the mailscanner should just read the
file, not change. and somehow it seems that mailscanner is rewriting the

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I don¹t think that MailScanner is guilty hereŠ
Did you compare the original file with the file received from MailScanner?

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Ok but why mailscanner change the file?

the application is a company's internal system to control travel, was
developed by another company, I'm not changing the application to generate a
new export.

What can be done in mailscanner, not to reformat the file?



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 >I have problems in receiving txt files.
 >The Mailscanner destroys the formatting of the file. All the tabs and
lines are out of order, not being able to import the file in the application
that runs on Microsoft platforms.

Your ³wrong² file lines are terminated with 0x0a instead of CR/LF (0x0d,
0x0a) that windows will understand.
What application creates these files? you should set it to terminate the
lines with CR/LF and you will be Ok.


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