requeu quarantined mail.

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Mon Mar 14 11:24:26 GMT 2011

Hello all.

For some reason, my Mailscanner stopped working, and all mail even the
good mail got quarantined.
The message was trying to kill mailscanner.
I have this tackled, by shutting down clamav, delete the clamav database
(was using scamp) and now everithing is looking good again.

Also started the scamp script, no more problems for now.

But excidents always comes in two.
This happend during the weekend, so all mail from the whole weekend is
quarantined by MailScanner.

The thing i want to do now is put all the quarantined mail back in the
postfix queue so that this mail gets prossed again like regular mail.


I have mailwatch installed, it contains almost 7000 mails.
Not do able through the GUI.


What is the best way to reprocess this mail.

Also there is a lot of DHL and FEDEX mail in there.

So the mail must be checked again and not beiing released so that it
does skip the scan.





Johan Hendriks

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