mutiple Signature Image Filenames

Scott B. Anderson sbanderson at
Thu Mar 10 18:41:16 GMT 2011

I've been using inline signatures, both html and txt for a long time, based on ruleset by domain (multiple inline signatures) but until now have not been asked to use a picture in the signature.  I realize I could use an a href in the html signature -- but want to avoid doing that for reasons that should be obvious to all of us here.  I started by using the Signature Image Filename, and that works great as long as only one of the domans are assigned an image, or all domains use the same image.  Is there a way to specify multiple Signature Image Filenames?  I'm using 4.81.4 at the moment, but could upgrade if necessary.  If I missed this when RTFM'ing I'm sorry in advance.

Scott Anderson
sbanderson at

ImproMed, LLC.

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