Clamd crashed.

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Richard Mealing wrote on Tue, 28 Jun 2011 14:00:26 +0000:

> Can anyone confirm which database would be causing this problem and why?

because it is a third-party add-on that is not fully compatible with the latest clamd? You should ask on a clamd mailing list, not here. There is a reason why many administrators do not add any third-party db's. There's also a reason why SA does such tests, the FP risk is *much* lower.


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Hi Kai,
Understood. I never really found a reason to why this happened. I did see some error messages - 

Jun 28 12:56:32 mailfilterv3 MailScanner[78328]: clamd: Failed to complete, timed out
Jun 28 12:56:41 mailfilterv3 MailScanner[18857]: Commercial scanner clamd timed out!
Jun 28 12:56:41 mailfilterv3 MailScanner[18857]: clamd: Failed to complete, timed out

Then mailscanner just stopped in the maillog, literally - after the timeout it went over in a loop and the queue built up, all emails got quarantined. 

After removing the 3rd party databases and restarting clamd everything worked again. I've eased all the databases back into place now and I've had no problems all day. I thougth I found the database in question but I'm using it again now without problems.

I will keep monitoring and speak to the clamd mailing lists if this problem comes up again.


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