Released fix for taint errors

John Wilcock john at
Mon Jun 27 14:22:19 IST 2011

Le 27/06/2011 12:41, Julian Field a écrit :
>> Replying to myself, presumably just about the only way is to put in
>> print("blabla") statements before and after every open() call. I might
>> have time to give that a go this afternoon - unless you can suggest a
>> better method...
> Yes, that's the only way. A pain, I agree.

Well, I've just spent over an hour gradually inserting print() 
statements and running debug sessions, but have failed to pin down the 
tainted open() call.

Either I missed something (possible) or the tainted open() is done 
indirectly by something that MS calls, but I'm at a loss as to where to 
look next (not to mention that I've got Real Work™ to do!).


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