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Fri Jun 24 11:23:27 IST 2011

Hi Jase,

I'm having the same problem here. I think this is something to do with the latest fix on removing the spaces from the virus names.

I might need to revert to a older version to get around this for now.

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I have some emails coming in that are being caught by Sophos as

>>> Virus 'Mal/Phish-A' found in file ./1QXX4J-0005TS-O7/PayPal -
Restore Your Account.htm

And in MailScanner.conf I have 

Virus Names Which Are Spam = Sane*UNOFFICIAL HTML/* *Phish*

So I would expect the above email to be tagged as a spam-virus.
However, it is not.  Looking at the code, it looks to me like spam viruses are only checked for ClamAV and Fprot6.  Is this an oversight, or by design?

Using MailScanner 4.83.5.


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