how to allow mobile user to send email with getting blocked

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Fri Jun 17 17:22:10 IST 2011

Didn't find that one in my search, thanks.

Not sure I understand fully, I use postfix and haven't touched sendmail in 
years. Are you suggesting adding an additional header at the mail client 
level that is then processed by the mta/ms?

I'n not convinced that's something I can fully control on the various mail 
clients on the phones, it's just the same as using ssl client certs. Not all 
devices support it.

On 16 Jun 2011 at 22:52, Alex Neuman wrote:

> This has been asked in the past, and I repeat my solution for the benefit of
> those who haven't had the opportunity to search the archives for a solution.
> If you're not using sendmail as your MTA you can try doing something like this
> on your own MTA similarly.
> My has a line like this:
> define(`confRECEIVED_HEADER', `_REC_HDR_
>         _REC_FULL_AUTH_$?{auth_ssf} MYOWNTOKEN bits=${auth_ssf}$.)
>         _REC_BY_
>         _REC_TLS_
>         _REC_END_')dnl
> Where "MYOWNTOKEN" is something not trivially guessable.
> Then in /etc/mail/spamassasin/ I add:
> score MYOWNTOKEN -100
> This way, everyone who *REALLY* authenticates in my server gets scored -100
> and therefore it doesn't get flagged as spam.

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